Installment Loans California

Installment loans are loans that are lent to a customer in one go, and then paid back in monthly installments.  You are almost certain to have taken out one of these loans without ever realizing what it was called. In fact, most of the loans you’ll take out in your life fall into this category. The loan is for a fixed amount, and it is paid in installments. While this isn’t a very common term, you see these loans everywhere. When you take out a mortgage on a house, borrow money for a car, or even take out certain types of school loans, you’ll be taking out this type of loan.

Compared with credit cards, these loans are advantageous because the APR is set in advance instead of having a variable interest rate that changes based on your situation as with credit cards.

With this plan, you are able to predict your monthly payment each month and you don’t have to worry about variable interest rates.

Can there be more than one monthly payment?

If you are searching for an installment loan with guaranteed approval for people with bad credit, the reality is that credit bureaus will still try and weed out bad actors.

If you have defaulted on a loan in the past, this doesn’t help. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you have a good chance of getting an online loan with monthly payments. You need an email address and a bank account. You can apply for an installment loan on the form above.

What are some features of online installment loans?


Some features are :

  • Having a reliable interest rate means a lower monthly payment
  • Lower monthly payment with longer duration
  • Next business day approval – quick approval
  • Process of application is simple
  • There is a larger loan amount available than payday loans
  • Money may be available on the same day

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